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Best iOS libraries To Check Out In 2021

Hey IOS developers, let me get straight to the point and quiz you with one simple yet fascinating question. How would you, as an IOS developer, expect your life to be if there were no IOS libraries? Just for a moment, let you ponder about it that you don’t get any reusable code that follows industry standards and develop everything from scratch. No way. You can’t even think of it, right?

Software or Apps development is a rapidly-changing field in which new and innovative frameworks and libraries help developers accelerate their development skills and save time. Ever wondered why an IOS developer love the open-source IOS swift libraries?

The answer is quite simple, who would like to spend considerable time creating codes from scratch. Developers will definitely choose ready to use libraries rather than developing an iPhone app from scratch.

Wait… are you still there?

I am sorry you had to suffer through this nonsense. Let’s stop it here and move ahead to let you know about the top and most useful IOS libraries that have dominated the IOS world the way IOS has revolutionized the electronic world.

Top 10 Excellent iOS Libraries Every Developer Should Know

To design native app for android, one needs to have an understanding of the following mobile app development technologies:

  • RxSwift

RxSwift, the swift version of Rx, is a smart and effective library that enables simple self-paced operations and events in an isolated manner.

  • Kingfisher

Just like a fisherman catches fishes from rivers, the kingfisher catches images from the web. If you’re a remote images worker, then give a try to the robust, swift library with superb additional options.

  • SwiftyBeaver

The app logging and analytics forum is the swift-based library for iOS and macOS. The colorful and flexible library makes the bug check easier.

  • Nimble

Match your tested units in iOS with the matching framework! Nimble is the matcher for swift and objective C. It demonstrates the best practice and elaborate features of code in an understandable way. Use the super-easy Nimble library and catch benefits out of it.

  • Realm

The realm is an iOS mobile database that runs inside the phones and other wireless devices. It is available in Swift and Objective-C and is designed for better and faster performance.

  • Snapkit

SnapKit, the robust and secure auto-layout library, eases the writing code without losing its readability. If you’re an iOS user, download the app and give it a go.

  • Eureka

Want to create easy and out of the box coding? Try Eureka. Save your coding time and reuse your codes with the powerful Eureka library.

  • Spring

Spring gives out of the blue experience by simplifying iOS animations in Swift. It animates from initial state to the end state without putting you in dire straits.

  • Starscream

Starscream is a WebSocket swift library with a simple pattern design. Try Starscream at your wits’ end and ease the heavy-lifting tasks.

  • CocoaLumberjack

CocoaLumberjack is a logging framework. It’s fast, simple, powerful, and flexible features take logging to the next level. 

Wrapping up

With the advancement in Apple technology, IOS developers are going through a highly competitive time. The market will mercilessly kick out the conventional and old-fashioned programmers and coders. To solve smart problems, you need to think smart. Libraries are purely designed to help you boost your developing skills.

To beat this highly competitive field and to stay at the top, you need to pick only those tools that themselves are at the top.

Hence, from the list given above, I believe that selecting the best and the leading library is no more a big deal. One can conveniently decide which one to choose and, once set, go with it and enjoy the coding journey.

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