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Best Web Development Tools You Need To Know in 2021

Hey, aspiring web designers and developers, gone are the days when you would spend an extensive amount of time to master web languages before building your very first web application. Thanks to these intuitive web development tools, your dream to carve out an impeccable website is just a few simple clicks away. That, too, without the need to learn all about the in-depth technical knowledge of coding. Fascinating, isn’t it?

The perks of these easy to use web application development tools are countless; that's the reason why dozens of such tools are hitting markets every day. Therefore, laying hands on the best free web development tools is, of course, a daunting task.

However, to make the selection a breeze for you, we’re here with some of the best tools for front-end development. Keep reading, and we'll make sure building your first website is as simple as ABC.

Top 5 Web Development Tools Every Developer Must Know About
  • Sublime Text: Best Web Development Tool for Beginners

Are you looking for a free web development tool for beginners that easily and quickly allows you to create precisely what you're looking for?

Surprise, we’ve got Sublime Text for you. Coming with a vast array of keyboards shortcuts, we found no equals to this awesome code-editor. But wait, that’s just the tip of the ice-burg. The ability to edit multiple sections simultaneously (split editing) is yet another reason why Sublime Text is hauled as one of the best free web development tools.

Plus, you can instantly jump to any line, symbol, or words with just a few keystrokes on your keyboard. Last but not least, the vibrant and attractive layout adds further icing on the cake.

  • Chrome Developer Tools: Best Web Development Tool for Windows

Want to experience a tool that offers developing, testing, and debugging your code within the browser? Make sure you don’t miss Google Developer Tools. A mind-blowing developing tool for Windows users who relish fast and responsive real-time coding without jumping out of Google Chrome.

Moreover, it’s a tremendous tool to better manage your already running website. Be it searching for a specific file on your web-page, quick debugging, or examining and analyzing all of your source code, everything is just a click away.

If you want to change anything in the HTML or CSS code of your website, Chrome Dev tools is the first option to go for as it shows a real-time preview of the changes being made.

  • Visual Studio Code: Best Web Development Tool for Mobile & Web Applications

Are you thinking of taking your web developing skills to the next levels? Perfect, Visual Studio Code is what you need. A highly responsive UX and supporting hundreds of programming languages are the top reasons why Visual Studio Code is worshipped by millions of coders daily.

Trusted by millions of coding enthusiasts around the globe, this free tool comes with abundant features such editing, building and debugging code with ease.

Furthermore, with the likes of syntax matching, bracket matching, auto-indentation and snippets features, it’s arguably the most productive web development tool.

Fancy some more cool features? Want to add a new language? Perfect, all you do is install an extension and boom! All done. Lastly, customizable layouts, icons, fonts and colour schemes make your coding fun and stylish.

Install Visual Studio Code and go beyond the limits!

  • NPM: Best, Dynamic and Safe JavaScript Web Development Tool

Are you a passionate JavaScript developer? Good news! With this well-designed, dynamic and safe tool, your JavaScript development skills are guaranteed to touch the skies of innovation. And guess what? Equipped with more than one million packages, it’s completely free and sees no rivals in software registry in the world. With such lucrative features, we get the answer very clear why Node Package Manager is trusted by 11 million developers worldwide. Breathtaking, isn’t’ it?

Adding more to the bucket of features, it offers us the opportunity to put all of the modules in a single place, so finding them becomes as easy as pie. Moreover, the way it manages the dependency conflicts of the modules also proves of great help for JavaScript coders.

Go join NPM for free and enjoy the countless perks it comes with!

  • GitHub: Best Open Source Web Development Tool

Talking about the best development tools for web applications and missing out GitHub? Impossible! Last but not least, GitHub is of paramount importance for those who need a tool that is their best companion for managing web-based projects.

Thanks to the developers of such an excellent platform, creating a responsive review process to improve code quality is so effortless, contributing mainly to the smooth workflow of your web development processes.

Adding more, this open-source development tool not only helps you achieve your targeted results quickly and efficiently but also comes with this excellent opportunity to showcase your coding skills to the entire world.

Summing Up

Web developers are living in a highly competitive time where only smart and productive coders can win the race. That’s only possible if you choose the right tools. With our above list, selecting the best one isn't a hurdle anymore.

And the rule of thumb is, once you find the best tool, don’t think anymore. Just start coding right away and surprise the world with your unsurpassed coding skills.

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