Created by Facebook developers in the year 2013, React Native is an open-source mobile app development framework. One can develop apps on various platforms by using react native framework which can work effectively like native apps. But it’s not that as easy as it seems like, there are some usual mistakes to avoid while using react development.

Mistakes to Avoid While Using React

Using Redux

Redux is used as a predictable state container in React native apps. Developers can efficiently manage the state of the application by using redux. Developers face no problem if they use this redux in the right manner. But if redux is not used in the right way then it will harm the application.

Redux Logo
Redux Logo

Redux works properly with applications that are large and have to handle added data. But when it comes to simplistic applications, then it is not necessary to use redux.

Most of the time developers think that by using redux in simple application development , the speed of the application will increase. But in reality, no changes occur in the app performance after the usage of redux in react native app development.

Using External Modules

Several app developers or app development companies use external modules without verifying the external module codes in react native app development. It is the most common error made by developers who lack knowledge and experience.

Developers who lack a proper understanding of the react native simply add these external modules to the react native app development projects without doing thorough research.

Developers using external modules without properly verifying turns out to be a bad decision. There are several problems with external modules which do not work well as per the developer’s expectations.

Therefore, developers must verify the external modules beforehand to complete the app project in a smooth manner.

Leaving Console.log Statements after Debugging

Console.log is available as an inbuilt function in JavaScript. Console.log is used in react native to find the bugs in the mobile application. It is used in both android and IOS applications.

App developers can use these statements to find the reasons why the app is not performing as per the expectations. Console.log statements also provide information about the error code which is the cause of failure.

Leaving these console.log statements in the app code is the most common mistake done by app developers or app development companies. The performance of the application becomes slow when developers forget to remove the console.log statements after the process of debugging.

Not Optimizing Images

One of the common mistakes done by the app developers while developing react native mobile apps is not optimizing images.

Not Optimizing Images
Not Optimizing Images

Image optimization is the most important task developers should pay heed to. Developers must know that the performance of the application is heightened with proper image optimization. So the image should be optimized in a proper way while developing react native apps.

Wrong Project Structure

While developing react-native apps, the structure of the project is an important point that should be considered by the developers. The project can be structured in several ways. It becomes easy for developers to work with structured folders and files.

Not structuring the project causes several problems to developers in the long term. So, while developing react native mobile applications, a developer should use the best project structure.

Wrong Project Structure
Wrong Project Structure

So these were some of the points which developers need to keep in mind. Avoiding these mistakes while developing react-native mobile applications will help you a lot in outperforming your applications.


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