An exemplary job in the present scenario not only holds considerable wages and incentives but also grants a brand name and position in the global market. Aiming to debut in the market with one of the leading companies, many job seekers strive to get hired by top MNCs across the globe.

Although a few job seekers manage to grasp a position in their desired MNCs, several of them feel demotivated and pessimistic after rejection from the MNCs. They then choose to go to startup enterprises to begin their career. Nevertheless, a career in a Startup Company as a fresher is truly a great idea. Here’s why:

Reasons to Join Startup as a Fresher Instead of MNC


Getting Opportunity of Innovation IT startups to have no rigid way of working or accomplishing a process. For example: If you have an innovative idea related to a software development process or database management, there is a little chance that your voice won’t be heard. But things could be very different in the case of MNCs that have a rigid working process.

Wide Opportunities

Personal Growth Startups offer you choices and options if you wish to explore what you want to do. You may have trained to work in IT, however, what particular field? Is it quality analysis, software development, business development, or database management? The startup helps you figure this out as you can try your hands on every relevant task, whereas in an MNC you will be consigned to one of these and be obliged to work in it.


When it comes to transparency, startups in India usually have more transparency in comparison to MNCs. You wouldn’t even know why you are doing a certain task in MNCs. While at startups, everything is shared with the team, and every individual’s inputs matter.

Enhanced Responsibilities

Each member at a startup is empowered to manage responsibility. Everyone is given a task that he/she is fully accountable for, which will push that individual to put in all the required efforts to accomplish the task. However, in an MNC, the responsibility lies with someone who is heading the team or the project and you are only assigned with a task.

No Pre-set Hierarchy

MNCs may have a pre-set hierarchy, that is, all the recognition and appreciation may go to the team lead. However, in the case of a startup, since everyone knows who managed or worked on what, everybody is equally appreciated and recognized for their efforts.

Self-Motivated Work Culture

Everyone’s inputs are sought whenever a project or new task comes in at startups. You automatically get motivated to get involved when you work in such an environment and you tend to innovate more and achieve more. Whereas in MNCs, where you have a target-based approach, a team can give their inputs only on particular tasks and not on the project as a whole, hence restricting your motivation to innovate or involve.

Flexible Working Hours

Most of the startups cherish a flexible working hour schedule, which means you can come in late in case you have an emergency and also compensate the same by staying in late. MNCs on the other hand, with their stringent time schedule, don’t offer such freedom at the work. The working hours are fixed and one has to abide by them.


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