A key step in any mobile app development project is choosing the right technology stack. The success of your app development project hinges on this choice and a poor choice of tech stack can spoil your efforts. The right technology stack is the one which gives life to the project and makes it scalable, maintainable and aligned to the functional requirements.

The right mobile stack saves time and cost for building mobile apps with suitable front-end and back-end.

Let’s dive deeper and explore the most popular and advanced tech stacks for creating best quality mobile apps. In Native app development, we design apps by using a different programming language for each operating platform such as: Java and Kotlin for Android and Objective C and Swift for iOS.

On the other hand, Hybrid app development blends native app and web applications. Apache Cordova & Adobe PhoneGap and Ionic are two commonly used hybrid app development platforms.

Cross-Platform Development involves developing apps for different platforms such as android, iOS and Windows by using technologies like React Native and Xamarin.

Native app development helps to identify the capacity and boost the productivity of your business online. It is very popular for startup companies and business combinations. To design native apps for different platforms we need to use specific programming languages, development environments and software development kits platformsAndroid App Development Tech Stack

Android App Development Tech Stack

To design native app for android, one needs to have an understanding of the following mobile app development technologies:

  • Java

Java is a popular Android App Programming Language as it makes possible large and complex native mobile app development. Apart from being a open source programming language, it offers rich libraries and development tools to the developers.

  • Kotlin

Kotlin is relatively new programming language originating in 2011.Kotlin simplifies Android development as it speeds up the development process. Like Java, it is open source, supports higher order functions and provides a fully operational Android App. Kotlin is supported by Jetbrains company. It is declared the second official programming language by Google.

iOS Tech Stack

For creating native applications for iOS, Objective C and Swift are most common programming languages. One can consider the following Android App tech stack:

  • Objective C

Objective C is a highly recommended and thoroughly tested high level language. Plenty of third party libraries, expressive message syntax and massive community support etc make it a hit among the mobile app development companies. It was used worldwide for building iOS apps before Swift emerged. There will always be a market for Objective C as it is preferred by Apple

  • Swift

Swift is a modern, top performing and popular programming language for building iOS and OS X apps. Easy maintenance and code readability make it less susceptible to errors. Its outstanding features include dynamic libraries, active community support, multi device support and compatibility with Objective C. Due to better performance than peers it highly preferred by the professional developers

Hybrid App Development

Using Standard web technologies like CSS, HTML5 and JavaScript we can create Hybrid apps which comprises two main components: native shell and back-end code. . In comparison to native apps, hybrid apps cost less and work on all types of platforms. Some common Hybrid apps’ development platforms and languages are:

  • Apache Cordova and Adobe PhoneGap

Apache Cordova is a web-based open-source hybrid mobile app development framework which is used to build cross platform apps. Apache Cordova was created by Nitobi before being purchased by Adobe systems and being relaunched as PhoneGap in 2011. Using a combination of web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS, developers can create applications that are native to iOS, Android and Windows.

  • Ionic

Ionic is an Angular JS-based open-source framework. It enables developers to craft versatile and powerful apps in highly familiar languages such as CSS, HTML and JavaScript. It’s less costly and enables developers to create, test and deploy applications faster. Ionic also keeps some features of native apps like reuse of DOM elements. Advanced features can be incorporated via plugins and in case of unavailability of plugins one may need to compromise with the functionalities

Cross-Platform Development

Cross platform mobile application development builds apps that can run on multiple device platforms like Android, iOS and the Universal Windows Platform. Different technologies used for cross-platform app development are:

  • React Native

React Native is a open source JavaScript framework. It is preferably used by the developers for creating mobile applications, supportable by both Android and iOS. React Native has a long list of qualities which make it a hot favourite among developers. Some of its best features are: Highly responsive, saves time and cost, third-party plugin compatibility, cross-platform compatibility, better development environment etc which enables to set up a class user interface.

  • Xamarin

Xamarin is a open source tech stack used for developing modern applications for Android, iOS and windows with C and .NET framework. Xamarin has a test cloud to test the applications automatically.

Its attractive features include native user interface, high performing code, shared app logic, allows using MVC or MVVVM design patterns, vast community support. Being one of the top listed cross platform mobile app development it is preferred by those who are fond of technologies.

Wrapping up

Thus, based on your project needs, you must make a wise choice of the most appropriate tech stack and consult an expert if needed. The right choice will enable a dominating presence in the web world and help you reach your goals.

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