Web Development Vs App Development

Although both the worlds of web development and app development meet the same goal i.e. spreading awareness and utility of the business, they are quite fundamentally different from each other. Web development is establishing and maintaining an organization’s online existence through websites, whereas, app development is all about creating and maintaining convenient mobile apps for the business!

To delve a bit deeper into the insights between web development vs app development, let’s explore!

What is Web Development?

Web development is the continuous loop of designing, developing, and maintaining websites through consistent development and deployment! Web design, content management, web programming, as well as database management are all included. The process is all about the development of an internet-based application, such as a website.

Further, web development can be classified into frontend development and backend development! The development process of the front face of a website with which the user directly interacts is referred to as the front end. It is also known as the application’s “client side.” Whereas, the server side of a webpage is referred to as the backend. It is that section of the concerned website that users wouldn’t see and interact with. It is that part of the software that has no direct contact with users. Instead, it is used to organize and store data.

What is App Development?

Simply stated, app development refers to the process of developing an application for use on smartphones, tablets, as well as other mobile devices. While app development may occasionally include the creation of a web-based app or a desktop version of that application, the vast majority of app development productions are deployed to mobile phones and tablets.

The app development includes basically three types of apps i.e. Native Apps (Android and iOS Apps), Hybrid Apps (Apps running on both platforms), and PWA – Progressive Web Apps (Progressive app versions of web apps)!

What are the skills needed for both?

Both departments vary a lot when it comes to the requirement of skill sets for app development and web development. Here’s a simple and straightforward list of primary roles and skill sets that developers must possess when going for these two departments!

Skills needed for a Web Development

Web development entails using code to build and maintain a website’s structural properties. A Web Developer’s role is to create a website that is operational, responsive, as well as user-friendly centered on the Web Designer’s ideas and concepts. Web developers are indeed responsible for performing quality assurance checks on their code in order to detect as well as eliminate bugs. The ability to write high-quality code in languages such as Html, CSS, and JavaScript is required. Knowledge of web development equipment such as libraries, frameworks, content management systems (CMS), bug reporting tools, as well as code versioning software is also required.

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Technical Skills required for App Development

A Mobile App Developer’s primary responsibilities include creating and maintaining functional, user-friendly applications. Developers are primarily in charge of researching, designing, developing, as well as testing mobile applications prior to their final launch. A major requisite for the same is the ability to write, test, as well as debug code in multiple languages like javascript, Java, Kotlin, Swift, C++, C#, and Python. Understanding the principles of app design, user experience (UX), as well as user interface (UI) is a plus!

How do the tech stacks differ?

A technology stack is a set of programming languages as well as software products used to build mobile or web applications. When one overlay of an application is built on top of another, a stack is formed. The majority of mobile app technology stacks include two software elements: client-side and server-side. These are also referred to as the front end and back end.

Tech stacks used by web development and app development teams may meet at some point in their operations, but, there are primary tech stacks distinguished for the web developers and the app developers. Here’s the list for primary tech stacks of app development and web development:

Tech Stacks for Web Development

Specifying a tech stack for any development process is a very diplomatic state. Because, neither the development team nor the client team can predict the tech stack requisite without being able to analyze the project needs. For some projects, it may be just some basic features like the content, UI-UX, and basic transitions, But for others, it may be a lot of additional features like API integrations and third-party integrations, making the project more complex.

Thus, no matter what you assume about the tech stack requisite, it will ultimately vary from project to project and feature to feature. It’ll always be about the ultimate goal! But, when considered on a general basis, Angular, and Reactjs, Thus, no matter what you assume about the tech stack requisite, it will ultimately vary from project to project and feature to feature. It’ll always be about the ultimate goal! But, when considered on a general basis, Antino as a leading website designing company in Gurgaon uses Angular, Reactjs, JavaScript, Vue.js, Python Django, and Node.js as the major tech stacks.

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Tech Stacks for App Development

The specific product, market deadlines, competition, regulatory requirements, affordability of developers, existing team level of expertise, available development tools, cost of licenses and support, target audience preferences, the age and size of your company, and other factors will largely influence the technology selection.

But, when it comes to the primary tech stacks used by Antino as a leading mobile app development company in Gurgaon, Flutter, Django, React Native, Reactjs, and Swift are among the undeniable and unparalleled technologies!

Web Development VS App Development

Basis of DifferenceWeb DevelopmentApp Development
DefinitionWeb development involves the creation of a business website optimized for both mobile and computer devices.App development involves the development of mobile applications.
AimTo spread awareness about the product and service through quality content.To support convenience through better user experiences.
Target AudienceBoth mobile and desktop users are targeted to attract more quality leads.Only mobile users are targeted to attract leads through convenience.
Need for CompilerPrecompiling before deployment is not needed!Precompiling before deployment is needed!
ProcessResearch, planning, designing, content creation, development, deployment, and maintenance are the major stages involved!Strategy and consulting, prototyping, wireframing, designing, branding, development, QA, deployment, and maintenance are the major steps involved!
TechHTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the majors.HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and languages like Python, and PHP are the majors.
BenefitsIt assists in acquiring and retaining users, enhancing user engagement, as well as intriguing them to make frequent purchases through quality content and visuals.It assists in increasing the number of users and maximizing the app time through empowered customer engagement rates, user experience, overall satisfaction, and improved efficiency.
User – OptimizedWebsite designs are simple, accessible, compatible, speed optimized, and most importantly, mobile optimized to make them user-friendly!App designs are simple, performance-optimized, easily customizable, and conveniently represent brands to make them user-friendly!
Implementation Cost Website development involves a comparatively lesser cost of development. App development involves higher costs because of the need for separate apps and tech stacks for different OS.
Ease of UpdatesChanges and updates are easier and less time-consuming when it comes to web development.Updates are very expensive and time-consuming, especially iOS Updations!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there is no single comparison between both processes. We can never decide which one is better. It all depends on what your business objectives are, and what you expect from your target audience. Hoping this blog was beneficial for understanding the real insights between web development vs app development. Let us know in the comments if there is any other parameter to distinguish them!


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