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How COVID accelerated Online Marketing and App Installs?

The year 2020 saw the COVID pandemic engulfing the whole world, wreaking havoc with our lives and destabilising the global economy.

As quarantine and social distancing became the new normal to deal with this unprecedented infection, there was a lock down of schools, colleges and workplaces.


People were holed up in their own homes using the virtual medium to communicate with their near and dear ones .

These unique conditions led to consequences and generated data which must be analysed to garner new insights.

For instance there was a surge in the use of streaming apps, mobile apps and televisions for information and entertainment as well as app installs.

In the first week of lockdown/self-isolation, a huge increase of downloads of different apps were noticed such as
  • News apps: SmartNews and Newsbreak were very high in the initial first week of the lockdown as people wanted to be updated about the current situation.
  • Social media apps: Loads of people were already on social media but the lockdown registered a great increase in the downloads of social media apps.
  • House party apps: Download of these kinds of apps took a huge hit this month in order to stay in touch with families and friends.
  • Food delivery apps: An all time surge was noticed this month in download of food delivery apps.
  • Education apps: As Schools closed down and students and teachers took to online education the education apps played a critical role in enabling the students continue their studies. As a consequence, download of education apps increased by 17%.

Shopping apps: Downloads of shopping apps shot up by 40% within the first month as people prefer online shopping for buying groceries and other essential items.

Remote Desktop Apps: Corona pandemic forced millions of people to work from home. Remote desktop apps safely connect the employees to a computer at another location, so that they can work on it as if they are sitting in front of it. Use of remote desktop apps increased by 60% over the first month itself.

Business Apps: As during COVID pandemic, people were compelled to work from home, the global downloads of business apps increased by 90% in comparison to 2019.

User experiences and customer behaviours have drastically changed due to the Corona pandemic and locking people up in their homes.

A survey by GlobalWebIndex of nearly 13,000 customers was conducted in March 2020.

This survey found that approximately 95% of people all over the world are spending their time watching online videos, movies, television. People have also started taking interest in watching news.

This survey also found that entertainment media underwent a change over the last two months because of the lockdown.

Great increase has been noticed as
  • 50% of people spent most of their time on streaming apps.
  • 45% of people spent most of their time on Social media.
  • Messaging apps engaged 45% of people.
  • While 10% of people spent their time on creating and uploading videos.

Overall , the pandemic experience has nudged more people to transition to the virtual mode of communicating, watching news and entertainment, shopping, working or even doing business.

So, to match up with the changing customer behaviour , businesses are also using digital media for marketing and exploring new digital marketing methods.

Nearly two-thirds (63%) of businesses are contemplating to change the tone of message to stay relevant to the current situation.

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