Financial Services

We endeavour to provide you with the best financial and banking solutions. Making digital transactions free from any unnecessary hassles, Antino commits itself to the ultimate intention of providing the financial sector with solutions that eliminates all the insecurities related to the conventional outdated techniques. Using insights, strategy and innovation we provide the financial institutions and banks with scalable solutions helping your industry evolve into a next-generation service provider.

E-Commerce & Retail

Today’s world is of E-commerce. However, with all sorts of necessary amenities available on online stores, the competition in online retail is painstakingly tough. We thus provide this sector with customer friendly solutions helping the retailers attract and retain their client base. Our ability to keep record of and evolve continuously according to the changing market as well as our technological expertise coupled with sincere and well-informed staff ensures insightful and innovative solutions for the e-commerce industry.


E-Learning is one of the fastest growing domains in the digital world. Everyone is moving towards the digital classes and meeting the expectations of students of all age groups makes this market’s digital transformation a challenging one. We at Antino ensure that the applications and websites align well with the industry requirements by keeping a strong insight with various colleges, schools and universities.

Health Care

Seamless digitalization in healthcare is critical when there are people from different intellects that may require the online healthcare services. With all the possible features ranging from appointments to online consultation available on one app, we make sure the patients get a hassle-free experience. Our services aim towards combining theory with practice and surface applications that would be an instant hit with the target consumers.

Media and Entertainment

Whether it’s to stay updated, for personal entertainment or for grabbing business opportunities, media and entertainment industry thrives on the web. With all the latest tools and expertise, we provide solutions that perfectly align with varied customer needs. Engaging content that can be customized and personalized along with cutting-edge protection is something we provide with our innovative solutions.

Social Media and Gaming

The content as well as the platform evolve at an ever-changing rate in social media and gaming industry. The strategic requirements to distribute the content globally makes the processes around this industry very complex. Whether it’s the evolution of e-sports usage, monetization in terms of consumer preferences or distribution, our deep understanding of the market and expertise gives you impeccable solutions.

Platform and Software Products

Software companies need to adapt quickly with a plethora of new technologies surfacing every minute. Antino provides a full spectrum of management solutions and IT infrastructure to help software industries focus on right priorities. With our expert team managing your software product requirements, you can focus on growth, understanding client needs and adding value to your business.

Logistics, Travel and Transportation

Our digital transformation company works with the intention of giving a competitive edge to the travel and transportation industry. We understand the major changes in the purchase behaviour of customers and businesses; incredibly large big data and its reframing into strategic planning. Our vision to see the industry a decade from now gives us insightful knowledge to provide just the right solutions.


Our digital transformation company knows that manufacturing is an important tenet of any industry and without this precursor, the succeeding blocks in establishing a business cannot exist. The next level automation, big data and analytics is converting manufacturing into smart factories. Our cost-effective and flexible solutions provide you with new and improved agile processes.


Insurance organizations are changing and require an IT partner who understands the insurance data as well as the respective IT solutions. Our expertise in technology as well as our data insight provides this industry with cutting edge technologies that help settle claims, reduce frauds and better engagement with the customers. We continuously work to help you keep pace with this rapidly transforming industry.