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With a current number of 6.4 billion active smartphone users and 88% of the mobile time being spent on applications, mobile apps are highly significant for business growth. Ignoring mobile optimization can cause blunders in businesses. The statistics depict that the mobile audience constitutes a majority of your target audience. Thus, mobile applications seem to be a mandate for outreaching potential clients in this digital age.

The demand for mobile applications remains high and so does the search for a suitable mobile app development company in Dubai. Team Antino can be your end-to-search for your app development requisites. Having the expertise of skilled developers by our side, we got your back in android and iOS native applications, hybrid apps, and Progressive Web Applications as well.

Dubai App Development Services We Offer

With plenty of other services on the list, our mobile app development services include the following:

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Optimizing the Mobile Presence through App Development

In this digital age of advancements, mobile optimization has become a mandate. And, Team Antino is your go-to company for all the app development requisites in UAE. Combining brand-new app development technologies with battle-tested frameworks and App Optimization practices, we have helped multiple businesses capture their target audience.

Not only with the development, but we stand right behind you in maintenance as well as expansion. From creating value through convergence to digitally transforming businesses with our proficient app development services, Team Antino serves quality projects. We understand what business objectives demand and what the end users want, thus, aligning both ends simultaneously with the advanced technologies, we are your end-to-search for app developers in Dubai!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes of course! Our association does not end with the project launch. Whether it is about minor errors or major updates or regular maintenance requisites, Team Antino got your back 24*7. Even if the client's needs are only concerning the ongoing support, maintenance and updations, we are there for you.

Django, Flutter, React, and Nodejs are some of the major programming languages that we use. But it all depends on you and the project requisites. We are totally open and customizable to the programming language you would like us to consider.

Our experience speaks it all. With 200+ successful projects spread over numerous categories, our portfolio corroborates our technical competence. Also, we recognize what availability means, thus, we are there for you on a 24*7 basis. Multiple businesses have trusted us and still do and so should you!


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