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Top 10 React Libraries You Shouldn’t Miss in 2021

So, you are a developer, right? Puff!! Pretty tough! We know how being a developer feels like. You have to burn the candle from both ends. And who wouldn’t appreciate an extra edge when your life already represents a can of worms?

And what that extra edge would be? Drum rolls!!! It is none other than the React Libraries that JavaScript has to offer.

React Libraries, has made JavaScript stand out of the crowd with all the features it has to offer.

In a nutshell, React Libraries step-up the productivity, it is SEO friendly, provides a set of short cuts that make writing components a lot easier, and guarantees stable coding. The list of its benefits is a marathon!

We have collected here 10 top best React Libraries that will help you fill the bill. Now without further ado, let us dive right into it.

  • Semantic UI React

The library worth considering! Number One! Perfect!

Semantic UI is becoming the bootstrap in the React World. The universal feel, easy to use, extra functionality, and great docs make it popular among others. They have the potential to disguise the project with its solid look through its easy plug-and-play and slick functionality. It has over 10.6k stars on GitHub and is being downloaded with 100k times each week from npm. So, if you are willing to build apps with cool react libraries with 100% friendly code, then go for Semantic UI React – the most preferable and highly recommended.

  • Evergreen UI

If you wanted to build an ambitious product on the web that proves itself as the best pal, then congratulations, we have Evergreen UI for you—the React UI framework created by the developers at Segment. For web developers, Evergreen UI provides the best components for building essential features.

Light, intuitive, and modest design assist the developer in building a quick and elegant user interface. It is gaining rapid popularity and has over 9k stars on GitHub with over 100 contributors. And guess what’s more under the hood? It provides a detailed explanation of the design decisions.

  • React Admin

Do you want to take your business admin applications to the next level? Looking for a big deal of components for your business? The React Admin is suitable for business-to-business applications on top of REST/GraphQL.

The customized library is built with numerous popular projects like Material UI, Redux, React Router, and React Final Form. React Admin, a form of state management solution and enterprise solution is a free version for all. The enterprise solution comprehends pro support for Marmelab and gives access to private modules. It is actively maintained and boast about 12k stars on GitHub.

  • Blueprint UI

Blueprint is one of the fastest-growing UI libraries in the past years, with over 15K stars on GitHub and a weekly download of over 100k on npm. Impressive, right? Now let’s look at what’s more under the radar! The React-based UI toolkit for the web is optimized for building dense-data and a complex web interface for desktop applications that run in modern browsers.

So, if you want to build something extraordinary, deal with a lot of data and a lot of flexibility, then go for Blueprint. Get an overview of how it works and the components it offers to achieve a milestone with its remarkable performance.    

  • Storybook

Design, built, and organize independent components in an isolated environment with the Storybook tool. It works outside the main application without bothering about its requirements.

  • React Virtualised

React-virtualized is a highly virtualized React library, which offers out of the box functionalities and customizations. It is a stable and maintained, and open-source library that bestows many components to window your application list or grid. 

  • Ant Design

Ant Design is the React UI library beneficial for developing an exquisite user interface. The profusion of user-friendly components makes it the second most popular library around the globe.  

  • Grommet

A grommet is a React-based library designed to make your design and processes easier and flexible. Embrace agility and styling into your project with the Grommet.   

  • React DnD

A set of react utilities that drags and drops for react, like other libraries. It builds a complicated interface while keeping your compounds decoupled.    

  • Material UI

A little flashy but a real love!    

The react component library which has pretty much everything your app could want. The component which has taken its best element from Google Material Design. This react JS library gives a simple, eye-catching, and user-friendly layout to build a soothing application. Material UI, the most popular react UI component library among others, with currently 55K stars on GitHub.

It consists of many accessible and configurational UI widgets. The self-supporting components only inject the styles you need to display and work as the performance booster in your application. Material UI delivers uncompromising performance with its larger plug-and-play components. For front-end developers!

Last Words

After extensive research, we have come across the top 5 React libraries that a developer must know in 2020. These are the most popular and fastest-growing React libraries available today. Review the above-mentioned list and check the type of application that best fits your project to save your precious time.  

Build something! Happy Coding!

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